Want to bet on IPL games? Here’s your starter pack


The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the biggest domestic T20 competitions in the world, captivating a global audience which makes it one of the most attractive cricket events to bet on. Betting on the IPL is an exciting event, especially because the love for cricket brings the whole country together to share the same level of thrill and joy. The IPL is played using a double round-robin format which means that each team plays against each other twice. The top four teams reach the finals depending on the amount of points they have received. The betting procedure is rather layered and has got varieties within them. The following guidelines can be your starter pack for betting on IPL games and help you to go about the process easily.


Choosing a betting site

The first step towards betting on IPL is to find a suitable betting site. Given how popular cricket is in India, there are several betting sites in our country which offer betting on cricket. Some sites also have specialized sections on IPL, to help players bet smoothly. Finding a betting site that you can trust is very important to enhance your overall betting experience. The IPL is in fact a huge contributor to the online cricket betting scenario. The players can place bets on the tournament and on the players involved. After choosing a betting site of your choice, create an account and make a deposit, most of the sites accept credit/debit cards, bank transfers and e-wallets. Then you can start betting on the IPL after you receive the welcome bonus.


Research on the likely weather conditions

To make the most of your betting opportunities, you will need to develop a range of cricket betting strategies. Streamline your research into the number of ways you can analyse an upcoming IPL match. Anyone who has some experience with online IPL betting is aware of the uncontrollable weather conditions, so it is crucial to look at the weather forecast over the duration of the IPL match. If there is a lot of rainfall predicted on the forecast, then the match results are likely to be a draw as less cricket is played over the set time period. When you are reading up on cricket bet tips, read through the rainy seasons part carefully. You can also look out for  information on your favorite players for more recent updates on the teams while doing your research.


Ground History and the Pitch

The list of the venues of the different IPL matches are usually available online. This is important because cricket betting odds and the match type are often based upon the kind of surface the players are provided with. No two pitches are exactly the same and you can read more about them in the pitch reports to understand its importance in an IPL match. Some grounds naturally assist swing bowlers, and this is usually due to a dry surface. Keep note of where the IPL match will take place and read up on the quality of the pitch before placing your bets. For example, if the pitch looks green, it is likely to assist the seam bowlers and make batting difficult whereas if the pitch looks bare or yellow then you can expect easier batting conditions. For a cricket game such as the IPL, with limited number of overs, the toss can also play a huge part in your betting chances. For example, some of the grounds or pitches are tricky to bat second on, especially when the floodlights are turned on, so it is better to calculate both the quality of the pitch as well as the toss result before placing the bet. The 2020 IPL is almost here and we are as excited as you to start placing our bets, but before doing so, we should be aware of some more details on IPL betting which will help us place our bets carefully.


Teams and Players

A background check on both the teams playing for a particular IPL match will go a long way. You can observe a pattern of the players’ performances which will give you a better idea on whom to place a bet on. Analysing the team is vital when betting on cricket online. You can keep a track of the IPL results and statistics which are provided on their official website, don’t forget to watch the IPL videos for a better grasp over this year’s matches and players. Spend some time on going through the latest interview, match highlights and press conferences.


This information can be insightful while placing an online bet on the IPL matches.


You can also bet on match prices, power play runs, and innings runs. Some sites may even allow you to bet on player runs and fall of wickets. We hope this article was helpful and that you have a wonderful online cricket betting experience.