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Too Bored for the Weekend? Try Spicing up Your Weekend with These Activities

Too Bored for the Weekend? Try Spicing up Your Weekend with These Activities

Let’s be honest, weekdays are boring. If shallow monetary factors did not rule or govern an individual’s way of life, each would do whatever one pleases; but now that weekdays are here, one must go through the mundane process of everyday ‘office’ life. In fact, the only possible silver lining would be the window of respite one seeks in the form of a weekend.

After an arduous week, you may just feel like taking a much-needed weekend dose of slumber, or shut yourself off from the complications of the working world, diving into much needed binge of a particular TV series you have been wanting to watch since time immemorial, or maybe a list of films that you had planned on watching after the wretched week of work is over—for this sounds like an introvert’s paradise, means that introverts use to recharge their social batteries.

The average extrovert, on the other hand, waits for the week to end so that the extrovert can splurge even more energy into activities that would otherwise have to wait over the week—going on a short trip on the overpriced motorcycle they bought last week, splurging their hard-earned wage into waging at a good game of roulette over 10Cric Casino, or even read literature that have been kept in their list for a long time (who does not like to read books?).

In any case, if you are running out of ideas and want to know how and where to spend the weekend that you have earned, look no further. Here is a list of activities you can indulge in to spice up your weekend—there is something for everyone, introverts and extroverts alike.



You saw it coming, didn’t you?


One might argue that the concept of travelling refers to putting on valiant effort to visit that particular trekking spot, climbing thousands of feet above sea level to see peaks soaring through the sky as if it might just cross the horizon; or navigating through some dense jungles to camp, or simply visit a place and try to live the life of a backpacker, essentially imbibing the local culture.

However, you might wonder how so much can be done over a weekend, and we agree; albeit you cannot trek over a weekend, you can explore the place you are living in—a lot of times, the monotony of weekdays results in the average local to not be able to explore their own city or town—think about it, how many little local beauties are you aware of ?

When it comes to dealing with such adventurous escapades, we suggest you plan weekends in such a way that you get a window to do the journey pieces when you get longer days off. Trust us when we state this—there is not a single thing on this planet that can replace the experience of travelling.


Indoor Activities

Indoor activities are particularly useful for ones staying in tier 1 cities that can make one feel claustrophobic by the presence of skyscrapers and the commotion caused by traffic.

Keeping carnal innuendos aside, indoor activities are blisses for the average introvert—this might range from learning a musical instrument, or practicing calligraphy, or even practice becoming the best baker of the locality. We agree that, although indoor activities might not sound as adventurous and gallant an effort, it still has challenges that might keep you as busy as invested, until you learn to master it. Be it learning those chords to your favourite song, or trying to bake that perfect soufflé—indoor activities have a fun-factor of their own.

The legitimate advantage that such advantage that these activities have is the fact that they are much less taxing, and it takes a lot less effort to learn and master all this instead of, say, climbing the Himalayas. Indoor activities are refreshing in their own way, and as stated before, are delightful for ones living in metro cities.

To Conclude—Don’t Forget to Meet Loved Ones

You might climb the highest peak or run a marathon for all we know, but do not forget the ones because of who you are there in the first place—your loved ones. If possible, keep your small-duration holidays to invite friends and family over, or to visit them. Remember, there is no better refreshment and enjoyable than spending time with loved ones and well-wishers.

Enjoy your weekend!

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